Wildcat Fighter

Folding Instructions

wildcat mdels
  Step 1.
Use a sheet of A4 or 81/2-by-11 inch paper. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then unfold the paper.
  Step 2
Fold down the top corners as
indicated by the arrows.
  Step 3.
Bring the top corner downward to a point above the lower edge so that A=B.
  Step 4.
Lift each corner and fold to the center crease.

Step 5
Fold the triangle tip upward to lock two corners together.


  Step 6.
Use the center crease to mountain-fold the model in half. Turn th emodel around 90 degrees.

Step 7.

Fold the upper flap down along the folding line parallel to the bottom edge line. Folding line should meets the tip of of the triangle lock.


Step 8.

Fold up the wing tip. Note that the wing tip's height B is the same as the body's height A. Then open out both wings.


Step 9.

The sailplane paper airplane is complete. You may tape the edges under the fuselage and the back of the plane.

  Step 10.  
  Step 11.