ALCM-Straw Cruise Missile
Assemble Instructions

Step 1. Cut the tail wing. (See the pattern shown at the end of this page. You may use Quad Pad paper.  A slightly heavier paper may be better. Don't use a light paper for this plane. )

Step 2. Turn over. Then fold the tail in half.

Step 3. Fold at the dotted lines, then unfold. Fold the back wing to the right side. 

Step 4. Tape as shown in figures. (Cut the tape in half to get a  size of  1/2 in x 1 in.)

Step 5. Place  this part at the end of a straw. Wrap the tape around the straw. If tape is too wide, cut off the extra part.

Give it a 3-dimensional shape as shown in the figure below.

Step 6. Cut a tissue to get a size of 1/2 inch by 6 inch and roll it over as shown in the figure. Insert tissue into the straw. You may use tape to secure the missile head section.

Step 7. Place the straw on the pencil and find the balanced point. The x marked balanced point shall be center of the front wing location.

Step 8. Cut the front wing.  Tape the ends of the  wings together on a table for accurate assembly. Place the straw on the wing. The balanced point X should be middle of the wing. Tape the straw as shown in figure(4).  Remove tape at (1) and (2). Adjust the front wing with small angle as shown in the front view.

Step 9. Cruise missile is ready to launch. If you can find a small size 
flexible straw so that it can be inserted into the missile straw(see the picture), then you can launch the missile by blowing through a straw. If you cann't find small diameter straw, then just use your hand for launching. 

Copyright © 2000 by Kyong H. Lee.  All rights reserved.