Airliner 717

Folding Instructions

1. Crease and unfold the center crease, then bring the top left-hand corner across to the right-hand edge and crease. Then unfold.

2. Bring the top right-hand corner across to the left-hand edge and crease, then unfold.

3. Make a mark 1/2"(or 1cm) above the point where the diagonal creases cross.  Fold down along the dotted line as shown.

4. Fold the top left-hand corner along the existing crease and unfold.
5. Push down the left top corner between top and base sheets.
6.  Repeat step 5 and step 6 for the right-hand side. Then flip the top right-side wing to the left side.

7  Fold the right side edge to the center crease.
8. Fold back to the right side edge.
9.Swing the top wing toward right side.

10. Crease line E that becomes the center between line C and D. Swing the right wing to the left.

Fold the right side edge to the center crease.

12. Swing the top wing toward right side.

13. Repeat  steps 6-12 for left-hand section.

14. Mountain fold the paper in half.
15. Push in the front bottom part to make a sharp nose. Crease a diagonal line X. Note A=B
16. Push in the tail section.
17.Crease a line parallel with body that is  3/8 inch apart.

18.  Fold and unfold diagonally for the tail wings.
19. Pull out the top part of tail while pushing in the center edge,
20. Rotate the tail wings 90 degrees. Final model looks like this.